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How It Works


FlipWord makes learning passive. Imagine studying and reviewing a language all day, without actually spending time studying.

FlipWord replaces a few words on every webpage and switches them to your desired language. It translates back when you reach it while reading.

Learning is about to change in a big way.

Our Story

1st - Cozad New Venture Competition

FlipWord secured $15,000 in seed funding by winning the 2015 Cozad Competition, holding steady against University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s strongest startups.

1st - Campus 1871 Startup Competition

As LanguaLlama, we earned space at Chicago’s 1871 Startup Incubator by beating out dozens of other startups.

1st - MadHacks Hackathon Competition 2015

We won the right to compete at the 2015 Seoul Global Hackathon by winning MadHacks 2015 with UpTalk, a language matching service.

As Featured On


Thomas Reese


Initially Conceived FlipWord

Computer Scientist

Multi-lingual Entrepreneur

Foreign Local

Yinghua Yang


Set Pedagogical Foundation

Linguist and UI/UX Designer

Multi-lingual Entrepreneur

Advanced Doodler

Ian Lehmann


Pushed to Scale

Computer Scientist

Previous Amazonian

Trash Panda Collector


Marcus Lampert

Ji Woong Hong

Chris Young

Jenny Tran

Vikram Seshadri

Idam Obiahu

Sanchit Dhiman

Paul Rizo

Dejun Qi


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