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How It Works


FlipWord makes learning passive. Imagine studying and reviewing a language all day, without actually spending time studying.

FlipWord replaces a few words on every webpage and switches them to your desired language. It translates back when you reach it while reading.

Learning is about to change in a big way.

Our Story

1st - Cozad New Venture Competition

FlipWord secured $15,000 in seed funding by winning the 2015 Cozad Competition, holding steady against University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s strongest startups.

1st - Campus 1871 Startup Competition

As LanguaLlama, we earned space at Chicago’s 1871 Startup Incubator by beating out dozens of other startups.

1st - MadHacks Hackathon Competition 2015

We won the right to compete at the 2015 Seoul Global Hackathon by winning MadHacks 2015 with UpTalk, a language matching service.

As Featured On


Thomas Reese


Initially Conceived FlipWord

Computer Scientist

Multi-lingual Entrepreneur

Foreign Local

Yinghua Yang


Set Pedagogical Foundation

Linguist and UI/UX Designer

Multi-lingual Entrepreneur

Advanced Doodler

Ian Lehmann


Pushed to Scale

Computer Scientist

Previous Amazonian

Trash Panda Collector


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